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It's amazing how you can preserve your aircraft's engine life with routine compressor washes!

Compressor wash your aircraft

So, What's a compressor wash? And what are the benefits of one?

Great Question!

Compressor washing is the single most cost-effective maintenance procedure for any jet engine. Jet engine performance is affected by both gas turbine thermal efficiency and the mechanical health of the components. Since the compressor typically consumes 60-70 percent of power generated, compressor health is critical to engine health management. Contamination in the compressor section leads to deteriorating thermal efficiency which causes reduced engine performance. Not only is performance affected, but damage to the compressor blades caused by contamination can lead to engine failure. Compressor washes can dramatically improve engine performance, increase engine life cycles and lower operating costs.

If you are based out of or travel to moderate or severe corrosion zones frequently, a compressor wash would be ideal to look into.

Here is a map to show the areas that cause mild to severity corrosion:

Corrosion Zone map

Compressor Washes have many benefits for your aircraft:

  1. Improves compressor efficiency
  2. Enhances internal turbine temperature margins
  3. Lowers fuel consumption
  4. Reduces exhaust gas temperatures (EGT)
  5. Reduces Corrosion
  6. Extends time between overhauls (TBOs)
  7. And many more!

So, When Can I Schedule My Compressor Wash?

We are glad you're interested in preserving your aircraft's engine life! You can schedule your compressor wash today with us! Please reach out to Joe Rank, our Maintenance Controller. You can reach him by email joe@challengeraviation.net or by phone at 281-702-7478 extension 108.

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